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AutTalk Discussion and Information Forum

AutTalk Discussion and Information Forum is an exchange of information related to autism, support for caring parents, contacts to professional workplaces and leisure activities, alternative approaches, etc.

Your content is created by a community of parents who may have an autistic home, parents who have an autistic home, parents who organize events for other parents, people who are close to autism or autistic for various reasons, representatives of organizations providing a variety of therapies and services for small and large autistic people, volunteers of present and future…

On the forum you will not find the "Holy Grail of Truth", guaranteed answers to questions, or guaranteed instructions on how to proceed in your case. You'll find contacts that someone has tried and shared, information that has helped or made some of you interesting. For example, you will learn that there is not yet information from your region, or it is already there, and you will find new soul mates.

The Forum offers a secure space that is accessible only to registered users and in which the users relate to each other with mutual respect and respect.

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How it was and is at home

We share specific stories of specific families . We believe that for those of you who are living with an autistic person, these will be familiar stories that will bring a sense of belonging and understanding, and help those who have no experience to create an idea of such an experience.

And you will surely know why NF AutTalk focuses on caring parents (the heart).

We thank all families for trust and sharing. Let us know if you want to add your story.

Published stories of families express a subjective view of the issue of autism, respectively. autism spectrum disorder, and may not fully correspond with the beliefs and opinions of the foundation.

Founders of the fund


The AutTalk Foundation

Our own story, simple and usual reason, made us to set up a foundation. Our symbol is the blue heart because the topic is simply a matter of heart for us. Blue color is a symbol of autism, and that is why our heart is blue. The AutTalk foundation was established with love, faith in cooperation and determination to improve the chances of children with ASD and their families.

Our team is you! All of you who, like us, have a personal experience with autism spectrum disorder. All of you who feel you want to share their experiences and contribute to making things move the right direction. Contact us!

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