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Gabriela Böhmová

Individual assistance

Gabriela Böhmová

Personal support for caring parents

Before I had my own children, I worked in organizations helping children or adults who raise them. I was looking forward to my own children and, like any parent, I wanted to be a good mother. It is not easy to be a child that is different. A child who develops and behaves differently than usual and expected (despite all efforts of his own and his parents). And it is not easy to be a good parent to them, even though they are a great enrichment for their children. Thanks to my son, I know many of these joys and worries. I try to learn more and with my experience and expertise to support parents, who try to get to know, accept, prepare for life and even defend their "other" children and sometimes even themselves.

  • Does your child behave differently from other children?
  • Do you suffer from environmental reactions?
  • Do you feel that you are to blame? Or the whole world?
  • Suspected autism?
  • Are you waiting for your child's diagnosis or are you hesitating to ask for it?

Gábina studied social work and completed five-year self-experience training in SUR group psychotherapy. Find out more about her career and activities at her website.

You can contact Gábin via the contact form, or personally within the parent groups. Under certain conditions, fees for these consultations may be paid by our fund.

Founders of the fund


The AutTalk Foundation

Our own story, simple and usual reason, made us to set up a foundation. Our symbol is the blue heart because the topic is simply a matter of heart for us. Blue color is a symbol of autism, and that is why our heart is blue. The AutTalk foundation was established with love, faith in cooperation and determination to improve the chances of children with ASD and their families.

Our team is you! All of you who, like us, have a personal experience with autism spectrum disorder. All of you who feel you want to share their experiences and contribute to making things move the right direction. Contact us!

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